Back to the future

Ich digitalisiere gerade meine CD-Sammlung, die jahrelang in Boxen verstaut war und die ich Dank spotify nicht mit dem Popo angeschaut habe. Ein mühsames Unterfangen, wird doch der Vorgang fast in Echtzeit durchgeführt – präziser mit der doppelten Abspielgeschwindigkeit. Das liegt nicht unbedingt an meiner Hardware, sondern am Programm. Das ist nämlich sehr pingelig und kann dafür auch schon betagte und womöglich zerkratzte Tonträger digitalisieren. “Back to the future” weiterlesen

bye bye Linux

After years of using different flavors of Linux, I switched back to Windows. I was tired of all the tinkering and the inconsistencies, the outdated program versions and the manual editing of configuration files. It stood in my way to work with my photos.

E M Cioran

Reading Cioran again. A romanian guy, who lived in Paris and wrote texts full of despair and depressed thoughts about the condition of mankind. Dark stuff, maybe caused by his severe insomnia which led him to roam around Paris at night.


But nevertheless worth reading. For me a lot of his aphorisms are a bit too flowery phrased, the thoughts on the other side are all worth thinking about.

Blog hacked

Some assholes hacked this blog and injected fucking javascript code, so everything was broken. Luckily I had an backup dated from May at hand and with a little fiddling I managed to restore it. So here is my advice: do a backup. Of everything. Your blog. Your precious data. Your life. Your hamburger. And now go on with your life fellow stranger!

PS: I made a voodoo puppet and now these basterds are cursed and their penisses will rott and fall off their fat bodys.